Castellucci Miano "Miano" Catarratto

"Miano" is made from 100% Catarratto, a native Sicilian grape that has grown on the island for over a thousand years. This is one of the most beautiful wines in the world for both its bouquet and flavor profile.

Catarrato means "Cataract" or "Waterfall" in English.. When you swirl the wine in your glass, you will see the wine slowly fall back down to the bottom of the glass like a waterfall with naturally-ocurring bubbles. These bubbles are not carbonation. They are a natural characteristic of Catarratto.

Most producers use Catarratto as a blending grape. Castellucci Miano is one of the few producers in Sicily that makes a world-class version of Catarratto as a monovarietal. This is the only way to taste the essence of an ancient grape that is indigenous to Sicily.

It's a medium body white wine. Not bone-dry, but not sweet either. The texture is buttery with beautiful aromas of ripe citrus, red apple, minerals, and hints of the mediterranean sea mist on the finish. 

Drink as an aperitif or with shellfish, octopus, swordfish, chicken breast, and sautéed or grilled vegetables.

Wine Data

Grape Variety: Catarratto
Category: Dry White Wine
Region: Sicily
Location: On the slopes of the Madonie Mountains, at an altitude between 700 - 900 meters. 
Growing Method: Alberello and Sapling 
Average Age of Vine: 20-years-old
Pruning Method: Guyot and Spur-Pruning
Grape Yield per Hectare: 80/100 qls. 
Soil: sandy and clay with an alkaline reaction due to active limestone. 
Harvest: October
Fermentation: Temperature Controlled at 16 degrees Celsius
Secondary Fermentation: Kept in Stainless Steel Tanks for 3 months and in bottles for 2 months. 
Classification: DOC 
Alcohol: 12%