Experience the lush fruits of Primitivo
in the heart of Salento. 

Primitivo is the king of wine in Puglia. This age-old grape reaches its most profound potential

in Manduria in the Salento Peninsula. Thousands of years of tradition and study have coalesced into 

one of the wine wonders of​​​​ Southern Italy. The Giai Winery has contributed its part in this age-old story. 

Why You’ll Love Giai Vini

Certain grapes flourish in some areas of the world and others perish. If we trust nature and listen to its whispers, we are rewarded with wines that are as glorious as ancient treasures. That's what I found with the Giai Winery in Carosino, a small village in the Salento Peninsula of Puglia. Their vineyards are located in the Manduria DOC appellation which is known as the finest area for the cultivation of Primitivo. 

Cori Mia - Primitivo 

Cori Mia, in pugliese dialect means "My Heart." The Giai Vini Winery set out to make a Primitivo that is easy to drink, full bodied, silky smooth texture, and a persistent finish that commands attention to its surprising complexity. Made with 100% hand-selected Primitivo grapes and aged in stainless steel, this limited-production wine achieves a masterful balance from sip to finish...and it will command you to return for another sip! (10,000 bottle production)

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