Castellucci Miano Perricone

Perricone is an ancient grape, native to Sicily. It is Sicily’s oldest existing wine grape. It’s history goes back 2500 years.

The grapes are grown in the Madonie Mountains of Sicily. There is almost no tourism in this area and so the vineyards are ancient and far away from commercial areas.

The winery practices sustainable agriculture. No pesticides or dangerous chemicals are used in the vineyards. No machinery is used in the vineyard. All hand-picked grapes. This is a natural wine.

Before fermentation, the grapes are dried which contributes to the dried fruit taste on the palate. Then the wine is made by using the “ripasso” technique.

This is an exclusive wine. There are very few producers of this varietal and even fewer can make a world-class wine with the Perricone grape. Castellucci makes the best version because it’s so refined and balanced like the best wines in the world.

For people who drink red wine for its health benefits, perricone has one of the highest levels of resveratrol. Resveratrol is a compound found in red wine that contains anti-aging properties. If you want to stay young, drink Perricone!

Fatty meats and wild game are the perfect companion to Perricone.

PerricOne is a powerful full body red with deep complexity. Made with the “ripasso” technique, endless flavors of mixed dried fruit, a sprinkle of cacao, smoked paprika and a thought-provoking finish. Perricone has a long history. If you sip it long enough, it might tell you stories.

Wine Data

Grape Variety: Perricone
Category: Dry Red Wine
Region: Sicily
Location: On the slopes of the Madonie Mountains between 700 – 900 meters above sea level.
Growing Method: Alberello and Sapling
Average Age of Vine: 20 – 30 years
Pruning Method: Guyot and Spur-Pruning
Grape Yield per Hectare: 70 – 90 qls.
Soil: sandy and clay with an alkaline reaction due to active limestone.
Harvest: Mid-October
Fermentation: Traditional red wine fermentation with “pump over” during the initial spontaneous fermentation stage.
Malolactic Fermentation: completely turned
Aging: 3 months in steel tanks, then 10 months in small oak barrels, followed by another 6 months in bottles.
Classification: DOC
Alcohol: 13%