Cantine Attanasio

The Attanasio family has been making wine since the 1870's. Carlo Attanasio is the third generation in his family to operate this winery. He maintains the traditions of his family and pays homage to the native grapes of the territory. They mostly cultivate two native grapes with an ancient history: Primitivo and Negroamaro. Their vineyards are located in the heart of the Salento Peninsula which is the lower part of the "heel" of the Italian "boot." Salento provides some of the best terroir for primitivo and negroamaro grapes. Some of the juiciest and seductively aromatic versions come from the Salentino soil.

A standout wine from Cantine Attanasio is their Primitivo Liquoroso Secco which is a late-harvest and appassimento on the vine. Carlo partially dries the grapes while still on the vine so that nutrients continue to feed the primitivo while allow the sugar levels to rise naturally. According to Carlo Attanasio, this is actually the true primitivo because it shows off a much deeper complexity than primitivo made to arrive at 14% alcohol. The liquoros secco version arrives at 16.5% with residual sugar for balance.

Another wine worth noting is the Martino Rose made with 100% negroamaro. This varietal produces a very different style of rose. Its very soft with melon and strawberry flavors. Theres even a touch of sea salt on the finish which makes you go back for another sip. Very refreshing. The key for great versions of Negroamaro and Primitivo is to look for wineries in the Salento penninsula.