Cantine Attanasio Primitivo "Liquoroso Secco"

The root word for Primitivo is "Primo" which means "first." This is because Primitivo grapes are the first to be harvested. Mid-August to be precise. It's harvested first because this age-old grape develops very high sugar levels. So they ripen much earlier and faster than others.

This is why the true Primitivo wine should have a higher alcohol content and residual sugar. However most Primitivo wines are harvested at the beginning of August to avoid the overly high sugar levels in order to maintain a 14% alcohol content. The other motivation is that wines imported in the U.S. from Italy are taxed at a higher rate when the wine is over 14%. So you can see why most producers make Primitivo wine at 14% in order to keep costs down.

Carlo Attanasio, owner and winemaker believes that the real Primivito wine should have high alcohol and high residual sugar for balance in order to stay true to the grape. So for this wine, he dries the Primitivo grapes on the vine until the 3rd week of September when they are harvested by hand. This is truly a time-sensitive work because if he waits too long to harvest, he risks losing his entire crop for the year. If he picks too early, he'll end up with a more commercial style Primitivo.

Massive body with very rich prune, fig, orange, coffee roast, and cacao. The complexity will keep your tastebuds stimulated lone after the finish. Naturally semi-sweet on the front with a dry finish makes this a fascinating wine with two stages. This wine is both Sweet and Dry!
Best served with creamy dishes and desserts.

Wine Data

Grape Varietal: Primtivo
Category: Semi-Sweet / Dry Red Wine
Region: Puglia
Appellation: Salento IGT
Altitude: 50 meters
Soil: Clay and Lime Stone
Age of Vines: 15 years
Plant Density: 5,120 vines per hectare
Pruning Technique: Alberello Pugliese
Harvest: 3rd week of September
Method: Harvested by hand
Aging: 24 months in French Oak
Aging Potential: 8 - 10 years
​Alcohol: 16.5%
Residual Sugar: 20 grams / liter