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Taste the ancient flavors of Cannonau Wine
on the island of Sardinia. 

Cannonau is a native grape in Sardinia. Recent science discovers evidence of a 3,000 year history of Cannonau cultivation. A secret cru territory of Cannonau has been resurrected from prehistory by the Atha Ruja winery in Dorgali. Ancient practices combined with modern techniques would have satisfied the most demanding mythologic gods of the prehistoric Nuragic Civilization.

Why You’ll Love Atha Ruja Winery

The vinyeards of Atha Ruja are located in the Oddoene Valley near the province of Nuoro. "Oddoene Valley" means the "Valley of God" in a Sardinian dialect. This valley is one of the most biologically fertile territories on the island, hence the name. A beautiful landscape, surrounded by mountains and close to the sea. Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water coalesce into the perfect conditions for a masterful construction of Cannonau wines with exotic fruits and aromas that mirror the territory. The winery practices manual farming, alberello vine construction, and low yields to bring you the wine masterpieces of Sardinia. Total bottle production: 25,000 annual. 

atha ruja cannonau sardinia
atha ruja cannonau

Atha Ruja Cannonau di Sardegna 

It's with this small production Cannonau from Atha Ruja, that one realizes what's been missing in life. This cru of Cannonau is like a Michelangelo scuplture: detailed, evocative, and timeless. Fully detailed body warmly embraces the palate and mature mirto berry notes express the native fruits of the territory. The spellbinding aroma will seduce you before the first sip touches your lips. 

7,000 bottles annual production.

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