The Grape Matters

The wine philosophy of Gladiator is based on deeply rooted principles that can be traced back through the ages. Slow, manual vine-care, and hand-selected harvesting of native grapes in Italy. The small artisan is the key to ensuring these methods are practiced.

Artisanal producers who cultivate native grapes are the wine warriors who reject the industrialization and replication of mass-produced wines. They have the passion and dedication required to craft native wines that exemplify not just the “terroir” but also nuance. It’s that unique detail that imprisons your attention. That nuance is difficult to define, mysterious, but at the same time, pleasurable.


Our Promise To You...

We swear unwavering allegiance to wine artisans who have dedicated their lives to origin, craft, and culture.

- Tony Margiotta, Founder and President

Small Production

50,000 bottles annual production or less

Native Italian Grapes

1,000 years minimum at origin

Estate Bottled

Single Ownership of both vineyards and cellar from vine to wine. No Private Labels. No Bulk Wine.

Competitive Quality-Price Ratio

$25 retail bottles taste like $50+

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Tony Margiotta,
President & Founder

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