Castellucci Miano

I spent a lot of time researching, tasting wines, and traveling the wine trails in Sicily to bring this small producer to your doorstep. Castellucci Miano is a winery on a mission: producing sustainble Sicilian wines, restoring ancient vines of the territory, and laying the foundation for future generations to follow the path of cultivating and vinifying ancient Sicilian grape varietals.

The story of how Castellucci Miano became one of the great wineries of Sicily is simple: respect for the land and passion for the wine that comes from it. Two men in particular, Piero Buffa and enologist Tonino Guzzo left the industrial wine corporation, Tasca d'Almerita, to pursue their passion for authentic Sicilian made with respect to nature and trust in the vine. The only way to do it was simple: slowly.

High up between 500-1000 meters you will find in the middle of nowhere, 20 ancient plots of vineyards that are over 2,000-years-old. Sicilian varietals such as Nero d'Avola, Catarratto, and their flagship grape, Perricone grow peacefully, slowly, and without intervention by industrialization.

In a short time they've achieved several milestones: the restoration of ancient vineyards in the Madonie Mountains, the advocation of native grape varietals, and being featured in Slow Wine 2015 as one of the top natural wine producers in Italy. With total production at 145,000 bottles per year, Castellucci Miano is able to practice sustainable agriculture by hand-picking and hand-selecting only the healthiest grapes for fine winemaking. And the results are world-class expressions of their native vines.