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Gianluca Battaglio loves his land. But he was taught that love from his father and grandfather. They were talented farmers that stood out for making the impossible, possible. Gianluca's grandfather was awarded knighthood by the Italian government because he found a way to cultivate peach trees that consistently grew quality peaches every season. A huge achievement at the time. His natural farming techniques were exported abroad. Fast forward a couple generations and Gianluca has taken his grandfather's natural farming talents and using them in his vineyards. And the results are worthy of knighthood!

The Battaglio Backstory

In Northwestern Italy there is a little town called Vezza d'Alba. Rich in history and culture, you can find traces of prehistoric tribes from the Stone Age to ancient Roman roads. The Romans used the area as a vacation getaway from the big cities. They found it to be a beautiful place and rich in agriculture.

Vezza d'Alba is famous for its white truffles which are hunted down by trained dogs in the forest. It's one of the most cherished ingredients on earth.

And above all else Vezza d'Alba is known for its noble wines. Nebbiolo, considered one of the greatest wine grapes in the world is the law of the land here.

When there are noble wines you find noble families which have been inhabiting this ancient village since Medieval times.

There's a long history of winemaking where the indigenous Piemontese grapes grow and are well-respected throughout the world like Nebbiolo and Barbera.

It's in this town where the Battaglio family have lived for centuries. 

In the early twentieth century Giovanni Battaglio was awarded "Cavaliere del Lavoro" which is the equivalent of becoming a Knight. He was awarded this high national honor for his great work in agriculture which included wine.

His commitment to producing quality products from the land continues with his grandson Gianluca Battaglio. Gianluca is a certified oenologist who masterfully blends ancient winemaking techniques with only the modern techniques that are natural.

gianluca battaglio
old nebbiolo vines

Old Nebbiolo Vines

For example, all the wines are unfiltered while demonstrating vibrant color and rarely any sediment. Most commercial wineries cannot achieve that natural quality due to high volumes of poor quality grapes. Gianluca harvests the vineyards by hand, just like his grandfather would have done.

He's a master of "assemblaggio" the blending of different vineyard plots. You need to have a good palate for wine to do this because it's more of an art than science.

Gianluca cultivates micro batches of Barbaresco, Nebbiolo, Barbera d'Alba, Dolcetto, and Arneis.

He owns a highly coveted single vineyard plot in Neive, the cru territory of Barbaresco. There he makes 2,000 bottles of Barbaresco annually and a single vineyard Reserve from the Serragrilli subzone of Neive.

Like other serious wine artists, Gianluca will keep his production limited so that the quality and character will be impressed upon those who drink the fruits of his land. 

barbaresco paired with veal
barbaresco cru
barbera d'alba battaglio small producer
battaglio dolcetto best in piemonte

Battaglio Barbaresco DOCG

Barbaresco is considered one of the world's greatest wines. Made with 100% Nebbiolo, Barbaresco wines have the ability to age for decades. The Battaglio Barabresco comes from a cru territory of Neive in Serragrilli. Gianluca Battaglio is a masterful artisan winemaker that produces just 2,000 bottles per year of this Barbaresco. Made with only hand-harvested and hand-selected grapes of the finest quality. Each bottled is individually numbered. Medium bodied Barbaresco with elegance, structure, and finesse. Floral and red fruit aromatics. Ripe fruit and soft texture on the front palate, full mid palate with watermelon, red fruit, and rose petals, and vivacious acidity on the back palate. A meditative finish with elegant tannins that fade gracefully and generously give another wave of red fruit and red floral to savor. Pairs beautifully with mushroom based dishes like mushroom risotto, filet mignon with a side of mixed mushrooms, and veal. Aged cheeses are always welcome.

Battaglio Barbaresco Riserva
Neive Single Vineyard Cru - Serragrilli

Battaglio Barbaresco Riserva is made from a single cru vineyard in the Serragrilli section of Neive. 300 bottles handcrafted annually and each bottle numbered individually. Only the finest cru grapes are hand-harvested and hand-selected at the perfect moment of maturity. Aged 4 years in the winery before released to the public. Of the 4 years, the wine is aged in French oak for 2 years. Fully structured Barbaresco with controlled and bold power. The queen of wines commands the attention of the aficionado's senses. Pairs with filet mignon, veal, mushroom based dishes, pasta dishes with white or black truffles.

Battaglio Barbera d'Alba DOC

While kings and queens want to be seen drinking the glorious Barolo and Barbaresco, they sip on something else behind closed doors. The rumor is that the royals speak highly of nebbiolo but in the royal chambers they choose Barbera for delicious company. Barbera wines don't have the prestige of the nebbiolo wines. And they've gone in and out of fashion through the years. While Barolo and Barbaresco are known for their royal colors, powerful tannins, and decades of aging, Barbera wines are known for their rich fruits, low tannins, and easy approach to drinking. The truth is that Barbera is a godsend. Its origins can be traced back at least to the 7th century. It grows abundantly and its juicy fruit notes are generous. Its spiritual home is in Piemonte where the finest Barbera comes from. Small production 7,000 bottles produced from hand-harvested and hand-selected grapes. Full body, juicy, soft.

Battaglio Dolcetto Langhe DOC

Dolcetto is a native grape of the Italian wine region of Piemonte (Piedmont). It's an indigenous wine that the local people of region drink everyday. The Battaglio estate is a small artisanal winery in the Alba area of the region focusing on indigenous wines from Piemonte. Gianluca Battaglio is the owner and enologist. This Dolcetto is light bodied while giving a full mouthfeel, low tannins, and a clean dry finish making it easy to drink with or without food. Bright red fruits, silky smooth texture, and aromatics that are delectable. If you like Pinot Noir you'll love this Dolcetto. If you're looking for a crowd pleaser when you're with friends this is the wine for you. Just 3,000 bottles produced annually. A rare opportunity for wine lovers looking for the best quality at the best price.

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