Up in the skies of Sicily, you will find a wine treasure unearthed.

The Big Wine Industry, with its powerful force of global mass production of international varietals, left buried one of Sicily's most coveted resources. Castellucci Miano embarked on an ambitious project: unearth original Sicilian wine, restore the ancient vines of the territory, and produce monovarietal wines that express its soul. 

Why You’ll Love Castellucci Miano 

Old vines, native grapes, micro climates, low yields, sustainable agriculture, and estate bottling at the origin. These are just some of the elements that go into craftsmanship of artisanal wine.

Castellucci Miano winery is not interested in mass-production wines. They are not interested is satisfying the international wine crowd. Instead, their wines are made to make a statement. 

They have been called “the tailors of Sicilian wine” because their wines are like a custom-tailored suit: striking, precise, and detailed. If you want to be known for great taste, I invite you to sip the difference. Total Production: 145,000 bottles annual.

Castellucci Miano "Miano"

Best White Wine Of The Year and Double Gold Medal Winner for superior quality-to-price ratio at the New York International Wine Competition. Made with 100% premium hand-harvested Catarratto grapes from old vines. Seductive bouquet, an abundance of exotic fruits, crispy acidity, and a finish that makes your mouth water. This white wine has all the elements of top class appeal. Production: 40,000 bottles annual. 

castellucci miano

Castellucci Miano Nero d'Avola

Nero d'Avola is Sicily's most popular red grape. If you ever go to a restaurant in Sicily, you won't see 5 Cabernets on the wine list. Instead, you'll see 5 different Nero d'Avola producers! The grape is capable of many different wine styles. Castellucci Miano chose to make an elegant and lighter style to show off Nero d'Avola's finesse and nuance. If you like light Pinot Noirs, this might be a great Sicilian transition for you. If you're a fan of Nero d'Avola, you'll be awestruck by its beautiful blackberry, current and volcanic espresso aromatics and soft textures. Production: 20,000 bottles annual. 

castellucci miano perricone

Castellucci Miano Perricone

Perricone is Sicily's most ancient varietal dating back over 2,500 years. The grape can be found all over Sicily but its spiritual home is at the top of the Madonie Mountains; around 900 meters above sea level. Castellucci Miano was the first producer in Sicily to make a monovarietal of Perricone, believing in its potential. Other producers were using it as a blending grape and most abandoned it. Silver Medal Winner at the New York International Wine Competition beating almost all conventional Italian wines. This is what the Italians call "vino di meditazione" or "meditation wine" because of its complexity that slowly reveals itself sip by sip. Perricone is an ancient varietal that survived the ages. Crafted for the Italian wine enthusiast and eclectic collector. The aromatics and flavors are so unique that they should be placed on the endangered species list. Production: 9,000 bottles annual. 

Castellucci Miano "Shiarà"

The only Cru of Catarratto in Sicily. While the cru and grand cru systems only exist in France, "Shiarà" is by far the finest and most grand Catarratto in Sicily. Cultivated on 70-year-old vines and at 1,000 meters above sea level, Shiarà comes from the highest vineyards in Sicily. Made with extremely low yields of superior Catarratto grapes allowing the maximum concentration of flavors, aromatics, and complexity coalesce into one of the finest white wines in all of Italy. Hand-harvested with the most delicate methods, Shiarà is for the discerning palates of white wine aficionados and wine collectors. While the wine expresses its overwhelming beauty in its youth, 1-3 years, Shiarà has the ability to evolve in the bottle for up to 10 years without ever having been refined in wood. This is a grand achievement in winemaking that few people know about. Perfect as a gracious gift, an evening of reflection, and a fine seafood or summer dinner. Production: 9,000 bottles annual. 

castellucci miano maravita
castellucci miano maravita

Castellucci Miano "Maravita"

The Castellucci Miano “Maravita” is the Grand Cru of Sicilian Perricone and part of the essentials collection for the eclectic wine collector. Expertly handcrafted with 100% Perricone grapes from 70-year old vines, the hand selected grapes are the finest quality.

The grapes undergo a drying process to enrich the complexity before entering a soft press. Only the first press of wine goes to French oak barrels for further refinement and aged for 3 years before release. Each bottle is stored by hand underground where temperatures remain stable for aging and development. Only 1,300 bottles are produced annually due to low yields, manual farming, and the highest standards of grape selection. The finished wine expresses a character from lost worlds and leads to fascinating conversations over a fine dinner.

Maravita is capable of aging for 20 years but the true sign of a sophisticated wine is not age but nuance. So let your taste buds cuddle up closely and taste the buried flavors of this finely detailed wine. Expertly crafted to showcase Sicilian gooseberry notes, both sweet and hot spices, and a soft landing of a finish beg the sophisticated wine aficionado to pause and relish the finite details.

For collectors and givers of fine gifts, Maravita is packaged in handmade wooden crates of 6 bottles each with rack hooks in the interior so the bottles may lie down to age properly. The bottles are made with extra thick glass that accentuate any dining table or the appreciation of a gift recipient.

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