Hidden Gems of Italy:

An Insider's Secret Formula To Find Top-Class Italian Wines At Value Prices And Taste La Dolce Vita


Hidden Gems will take you from generic to extraordinary Italian wines in a single day. ”          —Tony Margiotta, author

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    How To Buy Italian Wine: learn a simple formula that teaches you how to buy Italian wine so you can drink like royalty at value pricing. 
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    Which Italian Wine Is The Best: packed with secrets unknown to the masses so you can stand out to your friends, clients, and family for your superb taste.

In this book you will discover:

The Single Easiest Clue

Knowing the easiest clue to finding quality Italian wine will astound you.

3 Biggest Shopping Mistakes

There are three mistakes people make that keep the best Italian wines out of reach.

Ferrari Fast Cheat Sheet

A 5-step check-list to selecting an Italian wine that you can read in 60 seconds.

$20 Bottle that Tastes like $50

Learn how to drink like royalty without breaking your budget. Your friends and family will be amazed by your "great taste."

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