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A Fun New Year’s Resolution

Written and Produced by Tony Margiotta

From losing weight, to eating healthier, to getting organized, we’re all familiar with common

New Year’s Resolutions.

You may have had a wonderful holiday season enjoying good food, delicious wine (thanks to

Gladiator Wine!), and pleasant company with your friends and family, but now your mind is

turning to the new year.

You really want to start the new year with a bang and make a fresh start for yourself, not only

for yourself, but for your loved one as well. You said you wanted to get more exercise and

spend more time with your sweetheart. So what can you do?

What if you could create a wonderful atmosphere for you and your loved one? Here’s

something to try in the new year: online couples dance lessons!

DanceTogetherNYC offers online and in-person latin and ballroom dance instruction. Founder

Simone Assboeck has created a unique way for you to not only learn how to dance, but how to

build a better bond with your sweetheart. If you’ve been longing for regular date nights that

don’t involve watching an internet streaming service, we’ve got the fix for you!

Online couples dance lessons are a convenient way for you to learn popular social dances from

the comfort of your own home. You can choose the day and time that suits you and your

partner best and start learning right away! There’s no need to make travel plans, worry about

traffic, or fret about the weather, you’ll be dancing right at home!

Here’s just a sampling of the benefits of regular dance instruction:

Increase physical movement in your daily routine. Hitting the gym is so last year. With regular

dance instruction, you’ll gain stamina, increase your flexibility, tone your muscles, and boost

your heart rate. What’s more, you’ll also improve your confidence in your dance skills and


Create a deeper bond with your sweetheart. You’re already spending time at home with

your loved one, so why not make it even more romantic? Dance brings a completely different

aspect to your relationship.

Add an exciting new skill to your life. Learning how to dance with your partner is a skill that

can be used in many different celebrations throughout life. Just think: you’ll be able to dance to

the music at parties, weddings, events, locally, and even abroad. You’ll get to enjoy social

events that much more, no more “sitting out another dance.”

Ready to make 2023 a year to remember for you and your partner? To book your online

couples dance lessons, visit


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